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"My son, Jamie, has been attending the Reading Program through AAMAN for about nine months. Jamie was four years old when be began the program and will be attending kindergarten next school year. I have been extremely happy with the results.

When my son began the program, he was able to identify most letters of the alphabet, both lower and upper case. However, his confidence level was low and he didn't feel like he could learn to read. Now, he is reading level one books cover to cover. His confidence level is very high and I can see the pride when he reads books to me and my  husband at home. He is demonstrating some excellent skills in sounding out words and can now figure out new words on his own. He is even helping teach the younger children in the program.

Jamie Our 2012 Fields Graduate

This reading program has been a great benefit to my son, and I would recommend it to anyone. Val and Cecil Adams have done a fantastic job with the children."

Kimberly St Sauver
Kimberly St Sauver

Jamie & Dillon Books on CD

"In the summer of 2011 we enrolled our 3 year old son in the Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program. We were excited to see a multicultural program in our community and were eager for our son, who was adopted from Ethiopia, to be exposed to other cultures and experiences. It was apparent from the start that Cecil and Valjean Adams have a passion for their work.

Always a bright boy, Jonah has made tremendous strides and has blossomed and grown in his literacy skills during his time in the program. Recently we were out to dinner and   Jonah was writing the names of his family members on a placemat. As we were leaving, a woman came over and  complimented Jonah on his writing skills. Upon hearing that he was only 4 years old, she commented that she taught high school and had students who didn't print as well as Jonah.

Dillon & Jonah on Young Explorer Computer Center from IBM

When Jonah is playing in his room, he is often found sitting at his desk writing words. He   enjoys the challenge of spelling new words and frequently asks his 8 yea old brother to help him sound them out. It is amazing to see how much he has achieved.

Now, almost a year later, we continue to be impressed with the literacy program as Jonah advances in his skills. He is exposed to other children in a multicultural environment. While reading and writing are critical in a child's development, social skills can be equally important. Cecil and Valjean are great role models and teachers who instill in Jonah respect for others and self-pride. We have seen Jonah mature in several aspects of his behavior and his confidence is strong. We are looking forward to enrolling our daughter in the program as soon as she is eligible." View Jonah now Reading!

Jennifer Larson
Jennifer Larson

Mrs. Adams with Jonah teaching Word Families.

"I am writing on the behalf of the Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program.

We learned of this program from another family whose children were reading well prior to entrance in kindergarten as a result of the curriculum. Immediately we arranged a visit and enrolled our oldest son. We were amazed that our 4 year old was able to grow in self-confidence after attending the  program a very short time. In just a few weeks, we noticed an increase in vocabulary and comprehension in reading. The  environment is nurturing and caring like no other setting  we have found. Our son's experience in daycare and other community activities has focused on his developing behavioral and social skills. The  Clara  Fields  Multicultural  Literacy has

Jonah above at his left is Jamie, Nathan and Mrs. Adams. At her left is Gavin and Jayonte all playing a "Racing" board-game that teaches Sight Words.

has been the only program, outside of our church, that has focused on these skills in addition to providing quality early childhood education.  It has also helped us as parents identify the areas we can work on in our children to better prepare them for success in their early school years.

Connecting our children culturally at a young age has been a desire of our family and we fully believe that this program has provided this foundation.

I believe a community can be judged by how it treats those who are most vulnerable among it. The children of our community are fortunate to have access to this literacy program and the outstanding director. We feel the program is committed to helping children become lifelong learners. As a result, we believe the program adds great value to our community."

Jennifer Gregas
Jennifer Gregas

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