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Visitation Policy & Procedures

Research shows that parent involvement is a key component to student success. Clara Fields School of Excellence encourage parents/guardians and community members to get involved and visit our students in action. To provide a safe and secure environment and to protect instructional time, our school visitation procedures for parent/guardian and prospective parents/guardian visitation are outlined below.

It is the responsibility of all staff members of Clara Fields School of Excellence to direct visitors who are on school property during school hours to follow these procedures. Parents/Guardians wishing to observe their child during an Unit session must consult with the Executive Director and arrangements must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Prospective parents/guardians are asked to plan their visit so that they arrive at the beginning of snack-time: 9:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m.

Parents/Guardians requesting a visitation to observe their child during an Unit session, is to observe. Therefore, parents/guardians should not interact with their child, other students, and/or attempt to have a conference with the teacher. Parents/Guardians wishing to observe longer than one Unit session must have this approved by the Executive Director prior to their arrival.

Once a visitation appointment has been made, visitors must present this Form to Clara Fields School of Excellence's Assistant Director, unless the Form was completed online. After verifying picture identification, an identification badge will be issued to that person, and it must be worn always while on school property.

No students or unauthorized visitors may remain on the school grounds after regular school hours without supervision. School personnel have the authority to warn persons trespassing to leave the facilities or properties. Persons who refuse are subject to prosecution under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

Visitation Form

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