Black History Month
Today's Question 02/01/12

Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program

Our Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program is designed to reduce poverty and build sustainable prosperity for low-income families; at-risk, and special needs children. The Program promotes and support early childhood literacy to develop prolific readers in each preschooler by the time they start kindergarten and to greatly improve the literacy skills of those children in K-2nd grade. The program expands their background knowledge creating a broader base on which to build literacy skills. Saturday Sessions begin February 5, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. located at: 2709 South Ave., Suite E, La Crosse, WI 54601. For additional information and to register call 608-779-0676. Check us out on the Web: http://aaman.us/fields.html

  • 02/01/11 Question was: 1. Name the Historically Black University that was founded in 1881 under the leadership of Booker T. Washington.
  • 02/02/11 Question was: 2. Name the first African American General of the United States.
  • 02/03/11 Question was: 3. Born into slavery in 1861 this African American agricultural chemist, agronomist and experimenter whose development of new products derived from peanuts, sweet potatoes and soybeans revolutionized the agricultural economy of the South. Name him.
  • 02/04/11 Question was: 4. Born into slavery in 1847 this African American was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives in 1869 and was chosen Speaker of the House in 1873. Name him.
  • 02/05/11 Question was: 5. Name the first African American to be elected to the United States Senate (1870-1871).
  • 02/06/11 Question was: 6. Name the African American business leader who built the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company into the nation’s largest black-owned business worth over $40 million by 1952.
  • 02/07/11 Question was: 7. Name the first African American businesswoman acknowledged being the first African American female millionaire in the United States.
  • 02/08/11 Question was: 8. In 1859 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld both the constitutionality of the Fugitive Slave Act and the supremacy of the federal government over state government. What was the case (? v. ?)?
  • 02/09/11 Question was: 9. Name the month; day and year the salve ship Amistad mutiny took place.
  • 02/10/11 Question was: 10. Name the most influential antislavery Periodical in the pre-civil war period of U.S. history published in Boston (1831-1865).
  • 02/11/11 Question was: 11. From 1848-1856 name the African American from the U.S. that was the first President of Liberia.
  • 02/12/11 Question was: 12. Name the African American who lead the only effective, sustained slave rebellion in U.S. history (1831).
  • 02/13/11 Question was: 13. John Willis Menard was the first African American to be elected to the U.S. Congress and was denied his seat by that body. Name the year and the political Party.
  • 02/14/11 Question was: 14. To whom do we owe the creation of Black History Month? Name him.
  • 02/15/11 Question was: 15. What was Black History Month first called?
  • 02/16/11 Question was: 16. Name the African American inventor awarded over 57 patents and was the son of a run-away slave whose name is part of the adopted phrase “The Real McCoy”.
  • 02/17/11 Question was: 17. Name the African American who is the father of the Gas Mask.
  • 02/18/11 Question was: 18. Name the African American that made mobile refrigeration possible.
  • 02/19/11 Question was: 19. Granville T. Woods is known as the Black Edison. His most important invention was the Induction Telegraph System in 1887. Name 5 other inventions.
  • 02/20/11 Question was: 20. Name the African American that invented and patented an Incandescent Light Bulb with a carbon filament in 1881.
  • 02/21/11 Question was: 21. Name the African American that invented the first Video Home Security System, December 2, 1969.
  • 02/22/11 Question was: 22. Name the first three African American female Doctors.
  • 02/23/11 Question was: 23. Name the first African American to receive a Ph.D on July 26, 1865.
  • 02/24/11 Question was: 24. Name the first African American college graduate who graduated on August 23, 1826.
  • 02/25/11 Question was: 25. Name the first African American to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor on July 18, 1863.
  • 02/26/11 Question was: 26. Name the first African American lawyer who practiced in Maine in 1843.
  • 02/27/11 Question was: 27. Name the African American that performed the first successful operation on the human heart in Chicago’s Provident Hospital on July 9, 1893.
  • 02/28/11 Question was: 28. Name the first African American General in the U.S. Air Force.

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