As a lasting Memorial for "My little brother Randy", I dedicate this site.

Valjean J. Adams
Sister of a Fallen Hero

On a very hot summer morning in July, 1956, Randy was born at Norton Air force Base, in San Bernadino, California.  I guess that's why no matter where we lived, he always considered himself a "California boy."  He was a big baby,  9 lbs. and 5 ozs. and what a  beautiful baby he was, just as pretty as he could be.

There seemed to be a lot of babies being born around the 22nd of July and they didn't have a empty hospital room to put me in so they stuck me out in the  corridor.

He soon caught the attention of the entire hospital staff. You have to understand, in 1956 at Norton Air force Base, just about all the babies being born were white.  And although Randy only had a little bit of color, he still was a source curiosity.  I remember they thought my husband was white.  He and I  got a real  kick out of watching the curious trying to figure it out.

For the most part, Randy was a perfect baby; he hardly ever cried.  I did however, want to darken him up a little bit.    So one day I decided to put him out in his carriage for a little sun, forgetting for a moment just how hot southern California can get in the summertime.    Well, I forgot about the poor child and he nearly got sun poisoning. He survived though, thank God, and that  become one of our family's funniest "remember when" stories, sure to be told at every family gathering.

As a little boy, Randy had a head full of sandy brown curls and light brown eyes.  People often stopped to tell me what a handsome child he was.

He liked plain, simple things, nothing fancy or complicated.  If you gave him ice cream, it had to be vanilla because he couldn't see what was in chocolate and he said that strawberry ice cream had "bones" in it.  If he asked for a slice of bread, don't put anything on it - no jelly, no butter, no meat, just plain bread.  Randy didn't like getting dirty either.  There was no digging in the mud for this little boy.  He had to be neat and clean all the time.

Usually he didn't mind sharing his toys, except for his rocking horse; he didn't like giving up his seat on the horse.  He loved trains and he'd line up the food on his plate to look like trains when he ate.

Randy and Mommy -1992

  • A gentle giant to his death
  • Never spoke evil of anyone
  • Loved the Lord with all his heart, soul and might
  • A gracious son
  • Always there whatever the need
  • A protector
  • A true witness for the Lord
  • A tremendous husband and father
  • Had a heart for forgiveness
  • Did not hold grudges
  • An obedient Child
  • Honest and truthful
  • Wanted all to know Jesus

Mommy & Randy  - 1991

No mother in the world could ever ask for a better son than my Randy.  I adored him and although I know I'll see him again one day, I miss him very much. 

What did you say?

I said I'm not getting off this horse!

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Randy & a playmate -1958

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