The Next Step - STEM Discovery Program

The Program Meets:
Wednesdays Beginning May 2, 2018 and ending on July 18, 2018.

The week of July 23rd thru July 29th is held at:

The Program:

Week 1: Program
- Overview
- Objectives
- Career Clusters

Week 2: Personality Inventory
- Student Assessment
- Also discuss local government

Week 3: Team Building
- Pathway Exercises

Week 4: Mentor-ship Activities
- Students will be assigned to specific groups based on expressed interests
- Representatives from various fields will participate

Week 5: Week five Mentor-ship Activities-Civil Rights today-the battle still goes on
- Mentorship Activities (students will participate in other groups) Representatives from various   fields will participate
- What fights remain to be fought
- What are controversial issues
- How do we as society best resolve problems with civil rights

Week 6: Guest Speaker and Group Debriefing
- How to become an effective citizen advocate
- How to work with the government to promote changes
- Writing exercise

- letter to local government official
- Share examples of young people promoting change

Week 7: Student's report-Special topic discussion
- Student's report on first guest speaker
- Focused discussion on current affairs topic of note that pertains to Civil Rights or Civil Liberties

Week 8: Student's 2nd Report
- Week eight student's report on second speaker. Portfolio assignment

Week 9: Putting it all together
- Student's Portfolio
- Wrap-up/Student Evaluation
- Student reflections
- What have they learned
- How might they apply information
- Graduation, Certificates and Preparation to attend the STEM Discovery Summer Program

Week 10: July 23, 2018 - July 29, 2018 arrival to UW-Platteville
- STEM Discovery Summer Program.

Next Step - STEM Discovery Program Student Application Form.
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