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Other Programs

Federal Tax Exempt No.
501 (c)  3
MN. Corporate Charter No.
MI. Charitable Solicitation
License No.
MICS 44436
MN. Tax Exempt No.
WI. Tax Exempt No.

More Programs

Alton Jamison-(SPEAKER)
Black History Month
Black History Month Kit
C.F.M.L.P. Open House
Cultural Diversity Test
Kwanzaa Program
Library Grant

MLK Celebrations
"My Little Brother Randy"-(Slain LAPD SWAT Officer)
Read Me A Story initiative
Send A-Kid-To-Camp
The Next Step Program
Volunteer Today!
VISTA Catalog

NFG, enabling you to research and give to any of 1.2 million charities.  This is the perfect place to DONATE NOW TO AAMAN!

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