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Martin Luther King Celebrations

The Annual Winona Citywide MLK Celebration was created in August 2005 and the Citywide MLK Planning Committee was formed. It was also AAMAN's attempt to introduce the organization in a non-threatening manor.

Our Vision for the celebrations are to return to the fundamental principles of the Civil Rights Movement that      Dr. King began for the Negro people first, upon whose back America was built, and then to others in need of civil justice.

To bring into a clear focus the issues of the Negro people that Dr. King wanted this country to address and reconcile. Our goal was to have the city of Winona, MN take the lead in presenting MLK celebrations at a new level.

To the level of the Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement and bring together the community as a whole and embrace civility. Thus, making this a historic event to honor and celebrate Dr. King's work.

MLK 2007/2008 Celebration Presenters

                Millie McGee                                   Joe Morse                        Donna Buckbee

Each year the celebration will be hosted at a different location/institution. The 2005 celebration was hosted by the Valéncia Arts Center. The 2006 was hosted by Saint Mary's University. The 2007 was hosted by Minnesota State College Southeast Technical and the Winona Public Library. Our 2008 MLK celebration was hosted at Winona Public Library feathering Historian, Donna Buckbee and Civil Rights Activist, Joe Morse and continued with AAMAN members participating and traveling with Joe and others to Mississippi. 

Our 2009 MLK Celebration will be a combination of our BookStart Campaign and a MLK Celebration at the Winona Public Library, MN. There is a scheduled presentation of the Life and Times of Harriet Tubman by Donna Buckbee and a presentation by Civil Rights survivor Joe Morse.

Books on African-American Civil Rights Leaders, Historian, Inventors, and Activist will be given to children attending the two presentations. Your input is welcomed, please   contact AAMAN for additional information and your participation.

MLK 2006 Presenter Flonzie Brown

MLK 2005 Basketball 1st Place Champions

MLK 2005 White Privilege Workshop 

MLK 2005 Volleyball 1st Place Champions

MLK 2005 1st Place Dominos

MLK 2006 TrakCiti Rap Group Performs

MLK 2005 Cook-off  Winner

MLK 2007 Cook-Off  Participants

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