Black History Month
Contestant's Registration Form
It is important for contestants to register as soon as possible; because if there is a tie, the deciding factors will be:
1. The time they Registered.
2. The day they Registered and
3. The quality of their Response to the question.

Contest Rules
Open to:
Young and Old, Educators and Students, Community Members
Invited Guest.

· Each day there will be a Different Question (28 days, i.e. 28 Questions) posted on our website.
· Each Contestant must Create a
Personal ID Number to use for each Today's Question
· A total of
6 Cash Prizes and Gift Prizes (If Donated by Sponsors) will be Awarded.
·Winners will be Announced March 1, 2011. 

There will be 6 WINNERS!:
Two Cash  Prize  Drawings of   $280.00.   This  will  consist  of  contestants  answering all  28  Questions Correctly and Best Response.
· Two Cash Prize Drawings of $140.00. This will consist of all contestants answering 25 - 27 Questions Correctly and Best Response.
· Two Cash Prize Drawings of $80.00. This will consist of all remaining contestants answering  24 Questions Correctly and Best Response.

Open Nationwide!
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