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YKDFS Mission is to build strong character, bodies and minds through physical activity and education.

YKDFS Board:
Stanley Wright: CEO and Founder
Tiffany Adams: COO and Co-Founder
Standonta Beard: Chair
Billy Wright: Co-Chair
Joshua Thomas: Treasure

YKDFS camp and programs are offered to Genesee County residents and surrounding areas. The format includes traditional week-long summer day camps and year-round after-school programs that range from 45 minutes to 6 hours in duration, per day. Our progression of camps and programs, led by our expert staff, are generated toward youth looking for a sport introduction or those who want to refine and master their sport-specific skills.

YKDFS coaches and site directors make a significant difference to your child's on-field experience. Chosen for their strong personal character, responsibility, and capacity to effectively communicate sports skills to youth, our staff will make the extra effort every time to ensure that your children have the best on-field/court experience, emphasize teamwork, and learn life skills through sports.

YKDFS staff are required to complete our extensive certification process that includes:

  •     Interview & tryout screening
  •     Proof of strong athletic skills
  •     Proof of being a great role model for kids and have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  •     National background check
  •     CPR and first-aid certification
  •     Testing on and off the field or court
  •     Training and skill development workshops
YKDFS Program Director
A Program Director is a qualified college-aged individual or college graduate with strong communication skills, athletic management experience and a love for working with children. Their primary responsibility is to be the "on-site" supervisor for each program.

YKDFS Program Coach
A Program Coach is a qualified college-aged individual or high school student, age 17 or older, with experience in athletics and working with children. The coach is the most essential part of the YKDFS program. They work individually with the participants to teach, encourage and challenge them.

YKDFS Sports Corporate Staff                                                                                                             
The African American Mutual Assistance Network, Inc.-(AAMAN), a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization is the essential partner for creating successful athletic programs in your community. The Corporate YKDFS team has over 50 years of combined experience in athletic and youth programs. Our Corporate Office is located in La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601.

YKDFS Account Managers
Account Managers provide regional, administrative, and logistical support. These detailed, efficient and dedicated men and women work with local government and community members to ensure all components are in place to successfully implement YKDFS
programs from beginning to end.

YKDFS Area Managers
Area Managers work diligently with local organizations to provide youth with the best athletics experience available. Area Managers combine their love for athletics with a passionate commitment to children and community enrichment through YKDFS

YKDFS  CEO and Founder, Stanley (Stan) Wright graduated from Flint Northern High School in 1998. After graduation Stan attended Flint's Mott Community College majoring in Physical Therapy and completed course work in Business at Kettering University and attended Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, Florida completing classes in Graphic Design and Communications. Stan pursued his carrier working at the Kennedy Space Center as a maintenance engineer and later was employed by Sea World as their Operations Manager for Park Services. Stan relocated back to Flint and is currently employed by Shue & Voeks, Inc. as their Warehouse Manager.

Stan's love for sports was compelling. Stan has more than 25-years sports experience, 17-years of which, working with children in the community through the Jeff Grayer (former NBA Player) Organization's after school program. In addition to being a full-time Dad and a mentor for many, Stan has establish time to coached children in football, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Stan cultivated his sport's skills, knowledge and experience by playing semi-pro Basketball throughout the United States with AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and YBOA (Youth Basketball Of America) and also Men's Adult Basketball Leagues. Because of Stan's strong desire and drive to create positive, productive activities and resources for youth, he founded the Young Kids Destined For Success programs.

YKDFS  COO and Co-Founder, Tiffany Adams is a California girl through and through but has resided in Michigan with her 17-year old daughter, Juvirn since 2008. Tiffany has over 9 years of experience working with children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. She gained her experience through volunteer work in schools and assisting her parents with their nonprofit youth organization, African American Mutual Assistance Network, Inc.-(AAMAN) located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, with AAMAN's Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program, Next Step Program and its MECA Program- (Multicultural Exposure to Corporate America). Tiffany served as their Resident Agent for Michigan and currently holds the Office of Secretary.

Tiffany is excited to work closely with the Flint community, its children, young adults, families and city officials. As COO and Co-founder of Flint's Young Kids Destined For Success- (YKDFS), Tiffany is confident that their YKDFS program will build strong character, bodies and minds through physical activity and education.

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