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AAMAN is committed to giving at-risk children of low-income families the resources to realize the possibility of a successful and productive life. We believe the quality of the investment we make in them and their families will help to positively shape their future. These children represent the promise of accomplishing great things and deserve every opportunity to fulfill that promise without restrictions. AAMAN inspires children to learn, adults to teach and communities to move forward together.

Two percent of the nation's 72 million children--1.5 million youngsters--had a parent in prison in 1999, according to statistics released in August by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. Most of those children were younger than 10; the average age was 8.

In 2006, over 7.2 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at yearend 2006 -- 3.2% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in every 31 adults.

State and federal prison authorities had jurisdiction over 1,595,034 inmates at midyear 2007: 1,395,916 in state jurisdiction and 199,118 in federal jurisdiction.

Local jails held 766,010 persons awaiting trial or serving a sentence at yearend 2006. An additional 60,222 persons under jail supervision were serving their sentence in the community.

The bureau also found that:

*93 percent of imprisoned parents were male.
*90 percent of fathers in state prisons said at least one of their children was
       living with the child's mother.
*28 percent of imprisoned mothers said the father was the current caregiver.
*57 percent of imprisoned fathers and 54 percent of imprisoned mothers said
       they'd never had a personal visit with their children since entering prison.
*The percentage of
African American children with an imprisoned parent was
nine times greater than that of Caucasian children; the percentage for 
Mexican American children was about three times greater than that of
Caucasian children.
*60 percent of parents in state prisons said they'd used drugs in the month before
*14 percent of parents in prison said they had a mental illness.
*70 percent of incarcerated parents didn't have a high school diploma.
*18 percent of imprisoned mothers and 8 percent of fathers were homeless be
      fore entering prison.

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AAMAN is committed to assist these jailed parents and their children through our Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program's BookStart Campaign.  Our Read Me A Story initiative is designed to promote literacy while strengthening that essential nurturing bond between parent and child.

AAMAN is collaborating nationwide and locally with area churches, libraries, individuals, organizations, clubs, schools government agencies, and you to donate
like-new books to these inmates to read on tape. The cassette tape and book will be delivered to the inmate's child to listen to his or her parent behind bars read to them as they turn the pages and follow along.

REAS is in need of books, cassette tapes and cassette recorders. The cassette recorders will stay with the inmate. The books and cassettes are for the children to keep. Below are a few articles that mirror our program's initiative.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

To join REAS please send your request to:

There is no fee for joining and no meeting to attend. If you have books, cassettes or cassette recorders to donate, please let us know and we will arrange to pick them up or have them delivered.

A child is Waiting!

Jailed dad shares the gift of reading    Deseret News (Salt Lake City), Dec 21, 2007,
by Sara Israelsen-Hartley Deseret Morning News

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LISTEN WITH DAD - BEHIND BARS    Sunday Mirror, Aug 1, 1999

Capt. Glenn Kurtz, Sedgwick County Jail
Friday, Dec. 19, 2006
The Wichita Eagle, Mike Hutmacher.

Shawn Mason leads a group in prayer in the
Calhoun County Jail in Anniston. (Kevin Qualls)

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