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As part of AAMAN's Programming, Assistance, and Community Services, we are proud to introduce an  Awesome, Powerful and Dynamic; Author, Success Coach and Professional Speaker, Alton Jamison!

Our Mission

AAMAN is committed to giving at-risk children of low-income families the resources to realize the possibility of a successful and productive life. We believe the quality of the investment we make in them and their families will help to positively shape their future. These children represent the promise of accomplishing great things and deserve every opportunity to    fulfill that promise without restrictions. AAMAN inspires children to learn, adults to teach and     communities to move  forward together.

He is Alton Jamison, a man on a mission, the living embodiment of making it "Against All Odds". His purpose and goal is to dispel the myth that today's youth are hopeless and without solid role models. Alton's unique style of speaking, his vast understanding of young people, and his personal message "to teach real methods to help young people overcome real problems", separates him from the ordinary youth speaker. He is living proof that you can turn your life around and he has dedicated himself to motivating and guiding youth to overcome "statistics" and challenges, to achieve success and live their dreams.

Alton is an
expert in youth empowerment and specializes in at-risk youth and leadership programs for young men. His life models his teachings and he has been a living testament to making this world a better place for more than a decade.

Alton Jamison is a
powerful award winning speaker who will leave the audience more than satisfied. His fire and passion to inspire youth will catch on to anyone in the room. His breathtaking message of success is truly the catalyst needed for today's youth to press forward in spite of what they may face and achieve their dreams!

As a young man who has overcome numerous challenges in my life, I have a realistic understanding of what young people face. When I speak to youth, I speak to them from my heart because I want them to succeed and reach their dreams. There are many benefits to selecting me as a speaker, but the greatest benefit is that I know how to reach the hearts of young people and to help them take off the Mental Handcuffs." Alton Jamison

Alton originates from Hopewell, a small town in Central Virginia. He grew up in a single parent home, while his father spent most of Alton's life in and out of prison. He watched his mother struggle to take care of him while he tried his best to become a "man" despite the absence of his father. Throughout his life, he faced numerous obstacles and challenges; however, he has developed the principle that "he is bigger and better than his environment".

He obtained his
Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and started a number of organizations while attending Old Dominion University. Alton was recognized in Who's Who Amongst Students in Colleges and Universities. He obtained his Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University. Currently, he is an Ordained Elder with his local assembly. In addition, he is a Certified Life and Success Coach through Transformational Leadership Coaching.

A successful entrepreneur, he is the co-owner of The PCF Group, LLC., a real estate investment firm in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. He believes that people should focus on education, but never neglect the creative ability and entrepreneurial spirit that we all have within.

Alton's creative ability also carries over into print. His work has been featured in two books,
Rekindling The Human Spirit and That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It, from Liberty Publishing. His forthcoming inspirational memoir, No More Handcuffs!, is currently in the works.

Alton has a strong track record of academic, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. His passion is to help others locate and develop those same skills within themselves. He wants to teach people how to take off the "
Mental Handcuffs" and achieve more than they could ever imagine.

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Teaching Real Methods to Help Young People Overcome Real Problems



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[Conference Keynote or School Assembly]

Can you envision being escorted into a jailhouse when you were 9 years old? Can you imagine the cold, restricting handcuffs on your wrists? Walk with Alton through this powerful message of how a young man with a dream was able to overcome life without a father, poverty, and the fact that he was destined to become another statistic. Through desire and determination, he was able to defy the odds and succeed. Now his desire is to show other young people that they are, "only one choice away from a different life".

Alton's story is a message of hope, determination and motivation for those individuals who feel as though they have been "handcuffed" because of their past, statistics or their current situation. Alton's simple, yet profound message of, "I Won't…" instills the belief into people that there is nothing they cannot achieve and overcome.

Objectives of Speech:

    * To show a clear path of how to overcome obstacles
    * To show the power of making positive choices
    * To reinforce the importance of education, especially Math and Science

Workshops/Breakout Sessions (Programs can be customized to fit your needs)

[Small Group Session: Academics]

How can we get our students more interested in Math and Science? How can we help improve test scores? If you have asked any of these questions, then this is the perfect session for you and your organization. This small group session is designed to show the value of subjects like Math and Science and how it relates to our daily lives. In addition, Alton will provide some key test taking tips and strategies that he has used himself that will help any student rise to a new level of performance in their academics.

[Small Group Session: Young Men/Leadership]

Are you a M.A.L.E Man? Do you really know? This workshop is just what the doctor ordered. This session focuses on developing and teaching young men to become strong, positive and successful leaders in their school and community. In addition, the session deals with specific issues that young men face in today's society and how to successfully overcome the challenges that they will encounter.

[Small Group Session: Business/Leadership]

This session is geared towards people who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Alton Jamison is a successful real estate investor and has owned his own real estate company for the past five years. In this session, he will provide six key principles of becoming an entrepreneur and being a dynamic leader. In addition, he will address the pros and cons of being a business owner and help to lay a foundation for anyone desiring to start their own business.

To Book a Presentation or for additional information, please complete the Contact/Registration Form below or call Cecil Adams at 608-779-0676 or  by E-Mail.

Contact/Registration Form

Alton is a refreshing and energetic speaker who will leave an everlasting impact. Allow him to work with you on your next event. Please complete the Contact/Registration Form below so that Alton may gain a better understanding of your program's goals and objectives.

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